January 10, 2011

Top Ten for Tuesday, January 11: For the Dogs

My new display is "It's Raining Cat & Dog Books"... this display is sure to cause a debate. Either you are a cat person, or a dog person. I had dogs growing up, I am VERY allergic to cats, but I am not a dog person. I am more of a bearded dragon person. Here are ten great dog books that you can check out and read to your dog! Woof, woof, bark!

Stanley's Party by Linda Bailey. E BAI
This book is seriously funny. Stanley, the dog, decides to hop on the couch one night while his people are out. He feels so clever that he decides to eat from the fridge, and listen to music, and invite all of his dog pals over for a huge party. Does it end well? Your dog knows- ask him, and then read the book yourself!

Akiak: Tale from the Iditarod by Robert J Blake. E BLA
I love to read this book when we study the Arctic in kindergarten. Akiak is the lead dog for the race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska (over 1500 miles!) On day 4 of the race, she gets injured when ice packs into her paw. She has to be taken out of the race and flown home- but she escapes before the plane takes off and finishes the race on her own. This book is full of adventure and suspense- just the right amount for little kids (and librarians!)

Wet Dog! by Elise Broach. E BRO
This book must be read aloud, and it must be read with a southern twang. It is a hot, hot day in the south, and a poor dog is looking for a place to cool off. Each time he tries to take a dip, he makes people angry- the florist, the baker, the band, until he meets a too hot baby dressed in too hot wedding clothes. Both of them find a way to cool off together!

Daisy 1, 2, 3 by Peter Catalanato. E CAT
Mrs. Tuttle teaches obedience school to 20 Dalmatians, all names Daisy. Her assistant, Doris, wonders how she can tell them all apart. Mrs. Tuttle tells her that each Daisy has something unique about her and proceeds to tell her about them. This is a fun counting book for kids of all ages. The humor is as simple or complex as the person reading it wants to make it. Little kids will get the most out of this book if you read it aloud to them.

The Toughest Cowboy in the West, or, How the West Was Tamed by John Frank.  E FRA 
Tall tales this enjoyable are hard to find. Grizz Brickbottom, toughest cowboy in the West, yearns for a companion and convinces his cattle-rustling cohorts that they need a dog to help with the work. When the local saloon goes out of business, the proprietor puts up a sign offering a free dog to a good home. Unexpectedly, it's a miniature poodle named Foofy. Although the pup is afraid of cows and won't chase away mountain lions, she provides complete amusement for the cowpokes because she catches flying tin dinner plates in her mouth,
Lost by Paul Brett Johnson. E JOH
A young boy has pet beagle who gets lost in the desert. The little boy never gives up hope that his dog will be found. Each night when he goes to bed, he talks with his father about his fears. The boy puts up posters and searches for his dog. In alternating pages, you see the dangers the lost dog faces- from heat exhaustion to rattle snakes, this little dog never gives up trying to get home. I have never read a book that brings a crowd of young listeners to their knees like this book does. Every class I have ever read this book to is convinced that the do will die at the end of the book. I ask them if I would read them a book without a happy ending... would I?

White Star: Dog on the Titanic by Marty Crisp. F CRI
Sam is a passenger on the Titanic's maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. While on board, he volunteers to work in the ship's kennel, looking after the dogs. While working in the kennel, he becomes very fond of a beautiful Irish Setter named Star. It turns out that Star belongs to the owner of the Titanic, J Bruce Ismay. When the ship starts to sink and people start to evacuate, Sam is told that dogs aren't allowed on the life rafts... so Sam refuses to leave the boat. This is a great book to get kids interested in historical fiction. There are great references and facts in the back of the book and all fans of The Titanic will love this book.

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. F DIC
India Opal moves to a new town after her mother leaves her and her father. She takes in a stray dog, and this happy-go-lucky pooch helps India make friends and break down barriers. Having Winn Dixie helps her open up to her father, and she is able to learn things about her mother. This is one of my all time favorite books, and I cry every time I read it. This book is beautifully written (I have never seen the movie).

A Dog for Life by L.S Matthew. F MAT
After John's older brother is diagnosed with cancer, his mother tells him that their beloved do, Mouse, must be taken to the pound. John and Mouse run away to the English countryside in hopes of making it to his Uncles house and saving his dog. Along the way he meets a crazy array of people who welcome him and Mouse and show them kindness. This book has a twist that I just can't explain...

Shiloh by Phylis Reynolds Naylor. F NAY
When 11-year-old Marty Preston chances upon a mistreated beagle pup in his hometown of Friendly, West Virginia, he is not prepared for the ethical questions he has to face. Should he return the dog to its owner, only to have the animal abused again? Should he tell his parents? Should he steal food to help the poor creature? This book is heart breaking and heart warming... pick up some tissues when you pick up this book.

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  1. Yay! I need to check some of these out...my kids desperately want a puppy.