December 6, 2010

Cool Story Starter Tool!

Mrs. Gordon shared this link with me last week! This is a new twist on an old writing strategy... the story starter! When I was a kid, my teacher would write a sentence on the chalkboard, like this:
"One day I woke up. It was snowing. I looked out the window and..." Then the entire class had to finish the story. Boring! Try this!

This site is totally geared for today's elementary student- fun graphics, fun sounds and creative topics.  The site offers starters for grades K-6.  Spin the wheel and see what story you will write today!  Once you have your story starter, you can start typing right on the website- you can write a letter, a postcard, a newsletter or a story.  There is even a space for drawing pictures!  When you are done, you can print it! The only problem I see is no spell check, but the kids can edit the writing themselves.  
If you do one- send it to me!  I'd love to post your story!

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