November 4, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (13)

Here are the 13 things I did this week instead of preparing my list of 13 awesome books:

1. Made chocolate chip cookies with Leah.
2. Went to the dentist and got two fillings.  Brush your teeth, kids!
3. Watched Dancing With the Stars.
4. Watched Toy Story 3.
5. Read Heckedy Peg 1,200 times.
6. Relocated 2 buckets of Halloween candy.
7. Watched the finale of Project Runway (I can't believe Gretchen won!)
8. Took Wonder Woman and a hotdog trick or treating.
9. Bought new socks.
10. Washed all of our winter coats and snow pants.
11. Made a new Veterans Day book display.
12. Made an awesome Chick Lit book display.
13. Surfed the Internet trying to find inspiration for a great book list to share with you... but was uninspired.  Suggestions? 

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