November 17, 2010

I am in a Book Funk

The Capital blamed her, and now I am blaming her too.  Katniss Everdeen has put me in a reading funk.  I look at new books and pine for The Hunger Games.  

I sit at my computer and wonder what Katniss and Peeta are doing.  Every book I pick up has paled in comparison to The Hunger Games Trilogy.  Have you seen the movie "Moonstruck" with Cher and Nicholas Cage?  Well... this is from that movie and it is exactly what I need to do:
Can anyone out there help me "snap out of it?"  Leave a comment with a book that you think will cure my blahs... I will read it, and if your book lifts my Hunger Games blues, there just may be a reward in it for you. 

I have received a few sugestions from students, so let the reading begin!
1. Rachel suggests The Lightning Thief (no, I didn't read it when it first came out.  Don't judge me!)
2. Madeliene suggests Shadow
3. Courtney gave me her copy of Bruises

Keep the titles coming!!!
Mrs. B


  1. everybody - clever jack takes the cake
    4-6 - one crazy summer
    YA - graceling by cashore. and then fire.
    adult - the girl with the dragon tattoo series. i also heard the widower's tale by glass wasn't to be missed...

    loved the hunger games series as well.

  2. The Lost Hero (don't read it until you have finished reading The Lightning Thief series)-Addy