October 7, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (13)

Picture this is you will...
Fade in... a librarian in her late (gulp) thirties walks up to a group of students in the Lemme Library.  She asks them if they've read this book.  "Oh, I don't need to read this book, I've already seen the movie."  The librarian faints dead away. End scene.
This happens more than you might think (minus the passing out). 
So, for this Thursday 13, I give you the 13 movies that I will NEVER watch, because I adore the book.  I hope you will stop by the library very soon to pick up one of these books... even if you HAVE  seen the movie.  I bet you 5 bucks you will like the book way better. (Okay, it's the 8 movies I won't see, the one I did and hated and the 4 I loved... yes, loved).
The movies I can't, won't and refuse to watch:
Here is the movie that I wish I could erase from my memory.  I did watch the original animated Grinch movie, and it will forever be dear to my heart, but not this version:
Here are the movies that I watched and liked... okay, loved.  Don't judge me.

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